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Can't keep hold of the spirit.

I'm drunk and I'm fierce and I'm dark down in it.

Ross Tregenza
4 July 1977
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Just started my lovely new band JETSTREAM LOVERS. Kind of a mix of retro rock and electro-pop. Previously had a band caled Goteki. I also play guitar for the bands Panzer AG and Visage ( as in ahhhhh we fade to grey ). I also occasionaly write music for video games. SO far I've done stuff for Timesplitters 2, Timesplitters Future Perfect, Project Gotham RAcing and a PS3 game that I don't think I can talk about yet.

I'm 5'8" with ever growing black electromod hair and urban boho stylings. I have shuriken stars tattooed on my chest and a ring through my tongue.

Proud winner of Mousehole Carnival Fancy Dress competition 1981, at which I CRUSHED the other entries with my wicked silver robot costume, combined with a devilishly artistic robo-walk. I also went on that year to win the obstacle course at St.Erbyns School Sports Day. Sadly, it's been downhill ever since.

My least favourite things are deep sea creatures, excessive gingerness and pink blancmonge.